About Trevor

Why am I running?

Vic Derman left a lasting influence on me: he helped recruit me into serving on the Board of the #NorthQuadra Community Association ( NQCA ); he was the councillor most supportive of my family home receiving a DPA to build an addition; he played squash (a great love of mine); and his iteratively-improving presentation known as The Natural City was inspirational!
His sudden passing was the stones that started an avalanche: unleashing the politico within... I volunteered during the provincial campaign, and then I supported both(!) Rebecca Mersereau and Rob Wickson during the byelection.  Yet, I still like to think of myself as an anti-politician (kind of like how Deadpool is an anti-hero).

I am a community involvement geek through-and-through. I moved to Saanich from UBC in 2007 after the tragic passing of my younger sister. At UVic, I struggled for a few months to regain the level of campus and community involvement I had grown accustomed to. But it was volleyball at Beckwith Park that connected me to this town, and I quickly met the woman who would become my wife and mother of our two kids, and our #doge.

It was another premature death in the family -- losing my dad,  a very well connected and respected small business entrepreneur in Maple Ridge -- that allowed us to purchase a home in Saanich, with amazing luck before the impacts of the Affordability Crisis generation-squeezed most "Victoria" millennials out to the westshore.

Many folks in my life have been encouraging me over the past year, especially this summer, to consider running for Saanich Council (they knew I was interested, and that I'd do a great job). Shouts-out to my fellow musicians in the Best Coast Big Band .

So I am bringing millennial perspective; and new-parent perspective. (I may be the only one).
But I am also a scientist, an urbanist, and a sustainability professional focussed on low-carbon energy, transportation and land-use.  I love economic efficiency in policy-making, especially demand-side management. I am an #opendata geek, a policy wonk, a pop culture n3rd.

My #1 goal is to increase voter-turnout in the under-40 crowd (and persuade conscientious older voters to support me too) ...Because I want to be your voice at the table in council chambers!

  • B.Sc., UBC 2007
  • UBC+UVic = chemistry + history + public administration + geography
  • SFU City Program 2016, urban studies "Next Generation Transportation" ( Gordon Price )
  • UBCx, 2017 - EcoDesign for cities and suburbs ( Larry Beasley )

  • Residence life / student affairs management (UBC & UVic)
  • Senior Policy Analyst / Technical Advisor / Outreach Specialist (BC Public Service)
  • Co-owner/operator, five-bay automotive diagnostic technician repair shop garage
  • Assistant executor - complicated will probate process, 2 years

  • 5 years, North Quadra Community Association Board of Directors (4 as executive officer)
    • Founder/coordinator: NQ Community Family Nite
    • Founder/coordinator: Beckwith Big Band Brunch
  • 4 years, " Lightning Crickets 24-hour Relay Team " for Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan,
    • incl. Great Canadian Beer Festival (coat check coordinator)
  • 3 years, Citizen Advisory Committee, District of Saanich #UptownDouglas Corridor ( UDC plan )
  • 2 years, Best Coast Big Band society (lead saxophone + founding executive officer, board director)
  • Music Festivals, Canadian Videogame Awards, BC Sustainable Energy Association, UBC student societies