Banning Election Signage

Thank you for scanning/supporting this petition to seriously reduce election signage in Saanich.

The Petition:

  • Whereas election signs are a special privilege afforded only to politicians, BY politicians
  • and Whereas signs on public rights-of-way are road safety distractions compromising our #VisionZero goals
  • and Whereas signs do very little to advance the discussion of public policy
  • and Whereas signs are wasteful, plastic, pollution (and often harm our green spaces)
  • and Whereas election signs on private property could be argued to be perverse perpetuators of privilege 
  • and Whereas signs are an ugly use of public space
  • Therefore, be it resolved that
    • Saanich Council ban the practice of allowing election signs on public property
    • Saanich Council request the Province to ban the use of election signs on highways
    • Saanich Council charge candidates $1/day per sign 🪧 they erect on public property
    • Saanich Council adopt a bylaw limiting the use of election signage on private property
  • And be it further resolved that
    • Further steps be taken, regardless, to limit the use of election signs in the District of Saanich

And keep in mind: this would apply to election candidates of any level of jurisdiction.

Moreover, most “lawn signs” at somebody’s house, are actually being erected on public land beyond the owner’s property line.


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