Trevor Barry

for Saanich Council

A renaissance millennial seeking community equity, affordability, economic-efficiency and innovative accountability measures
Hi, Saanich!                         (also read About Me )

I'm a locally engaged citizen, volunteer, recreator and a father of two young children.
I bring a lot of unique and valuable community experience and perspective into the impressive talent pool you have to choose from on October 20th.

What sets me apart is my age and stage in life, my dogged determination to discuss policy ideas and disrupt the status quo, and my insight and ambition to seek governance changes that really matter for the sustainable prosperity of our children's future.

Policy Rotator Tap

(1) Beer/wine at a picnic: one little bylaw away...

(2) Transportation improvements require demand-side management, apps, and #opendata from TSPs (e.g. VKT from ICBC; trip logs from Taxi/Uber)
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